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Our Mission

ECO KEIKAKU CO., LTD. was established in 1970 in Saitama Prefecture, near TOKYO Japan. We are one of the leading company of waste management and recycling service in Japan. In order to leave a brighter future for our children, we develop business with the theme of environment, food and contribution. We are contributing to the natural environment by restoring the original ecosystem and coexisting nature with humans through all projects such as recycling of waste materials, diffusion of organic cultivation, running food industry and inn.

The backbone of our company business is contributing to environment and we provide "safe, secure and reliable" one-stop service that consistently carries out collection and transportation, intermediate processing and final disposal. Various proposals are possible according to customer's needs.

Waste Management and Recycling Base

The complex recycling facility which combines the latest equipment and technology for intermediate processing is operated in Ranzan and Yorii, both located in Saitama. At the facility, various types of waste materials are reused to turn into resources and exhaust heat from a incinerator is converted into generated power.

Food-related Business

HATAGO and YUTORIAN are designated shop for tax excemption for foreign establishment in Japan.